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Our Events are held at Rockwood Field in Rockwood State Park, just north of Morrison Illinois. You can find information on location on our website.
 If you plug directions into MapQuest, or similar online tools, one might find that these tools take you to a gravel road north of the park. 
This is not correct!!!!
You should not travel on any gravel roads to get to or enter the park!!!!! From State Highway 78, you should use Damen Road, then the entrance to the park is on Crosby Road. There will be small signs posted on these entry roadways the day of the event.


Upcoming Events

Northwest Illinois Electrics!!

This is the Event Formerly Known as Efliowa.  The name has been changed to reflect the hard work and dedication of the Morrison Model Aircraft Flyers club that hosts this fun, two days of Electric flying.  Please Join us for the continutation of this long standing Electric only, open flying weekend!

Event location: Rockwood Field, located in Morrison Rockwood State Park
Please see www.mmafrc.org for maps and further details.

Event start: 9/13/2014 8:00:00 AM